Why your hotel needs a website that drives direct bookings

When running your hotel, worrying about your website might be the last thing on your mind! Especially when OTAs like Booking.com, Agoda and Expedia already give you a web presence. Unfortunately, the simple fact is you absolutely need your own website. Read on to find out why…

Why you need your own hotel website
If you are an independent or boutique hotel who doesn't benefit from being part of a large hotel group don't think you can get away without having a website marketing. Here’s a fact: most travellers will visit a hotel’s website to make their booking decision, even if they book through an online travel agent.

Of course, OTAs do a great job of bringing you revenue - but they're simply a database of hotels sorted by price or location and they won't show your hotel to its best advantage! Only your specific hotel website can show off just what you have to offer. You know what's unique, what sets you apart from your competition and your website is the best tool for enticing travellers to stay with you.

Here’s how you’ll benefit
Never leave success up to chance! With your own website, you are in control of the entire user experience. Here are a number of ways in which you can benefit from a unique web presence:

Define your image
A custom hotel website allows you to present your property how you want it to be seen. Using professional images and targeted copy you can capture the hearts and wallets of travellers around the world.

In today's fast-paced visually driven society you can build up a narrative that resounds with your target market, showing them what they could be enjoying and differentiating yourself from the competition. Making it more likely that they'll book directly with you.

Strut your stuff
Your hotel website is a chance to show off the character of your property. It gives you the freedom to create a coherent story that really speaks to potential guests.

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It's not just about the photos, but the design you choose, your brand colours and fonts all working in harmony to build your brands identity and resonate with your customers. You can properly showcase the value-added features and amenities that set you apart from everyone else such as spa pages and restaurant menus.

It's all about location!
Location, location, location, it's been said it's all about the location! Having your own hotel website allows you to show off just what your local area has to offer. Give your guests another great reason to check-in at your hotel by showcasing the experiences and events that happen around your property.

Be found
Your own hotel website puts you in control of your SEO. Search engine optimisation is one of the best ways to be found on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. With your own website you choose the keywords you want to rank for, you write the content that appeals to your target market and you control your social media presence that drives customer engagement.

Target your market
A hotel website also gives you the ability to drive traffic using search and display advertising. Have your website be found on your customer's favourite websites. Be at the forefront of their holiday making decisions by constantly reminding them that you are the right hotel for their next trip.

With a custom hotel web design and optimisation, it allows you to entice new and returning guests with special offers, members deals and new experiences, all of which can be directly targeted to potential customers through the immense power of digital marketing.

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Hy Digital is a full service digital Agency that can help you with digital marketing, development and other digital creation services, reach out to us to find out more.
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