Digital Marketing - 5 Reasons Why You Need it

The digital landscape keeps evolving day by day and as a result, our reach is getting wider. Digital marketing plays a big role in how effective this reach can be. Digital marketing can make a real impact for your business and here’s why.

Conversion rates

Making changes on your site? Or any change in your digital strategy? Digital marketing offers you a way to track how effective each move can be. This can be measured in the number of clicks, search results, and calls to actions.

This translates to your conversion rates which gives you insights on what’s bringing the most value. Check out Google Analytics, data says a lot and Google Analytics can give you many numbers. In the age of digitalization, you can measure almost everything.


Search engine optimization allows you to work with keywords. Having the right keywords defined with the write description or ‘meta tags’ your search results can become richer. Having meta tags in place will create stronger links towards your company’s online platforms.

Social media optimization is a vital element of increasing your brands and exposure through a combination of social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, bookmarking sites, blogs, and other similar sites. Your company’s awareness is a vital part of success.

Content, content, content & tags

In marketing, your main goal is to engage with people. Your target audience should be drawn to the content you share. The type of content should have a certain tone that is visible over time. A given here is also consistent, posting regular, valuable, and relative content brings back your audience time and time again.

Your content should bring added value and should continuously do so. Have an aim, share cases, best practices, and insights, always. Make sure to tag all your content with meta tags, hashtags, and similar so you can track your conversion rates on all the things you share across your online platforms.

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Customer retention is your ROI

Your customers are KEY. Make sure everything is catered to them because chances are high that a competitor will lure them to their service if not towards yours. Know your target audience and cater to the most extreme types of people. Create personas and deep dive into their customer journeys to understand how they respond and make things easier for them.

A few tips could be:

  • Make URLs as short and simple as possible,
  • Buttons should be in the right places,
  • Don’t overload pages with information
  • User experience flows should make sense and not leave users with questions.

It would definitely make it worth your while to hire a digital marketing specialist!


Data can give you a lot of information but not customer emotion. Use user feedback tools helps you understand your users in a more qualitative way. Use customer reviews and feedback forms as a way to retrieve information and identify pain points and then find solutions.

If you don’t have to insights into your customer's experience, you won’t be able to target their needs, leaving the competition with the upper hand. Don’t merely offer your customers a product, offer them a solution to their needs.


Digital marketing helps you boost your product/service/brand’s awareness in a short time and is the best way to utilize many digital platforms in order to broaden your network.

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Hy Digital is a full service digital Agency that can help you with digital marketing, development and other digital creation services, reach out to us to find out more.
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