4 Main Reasons Why You should focus on SEO strategy During Global Crisis

The global crisis known as COVID-19 is currently affecting almost every part of life all over the world. As the global economy reels from the impact of this disease, most businesses started to shift strategies, hoarding cash and some may be convinced that there is not much else they can do.

But, the reality is that it will come to an end and businesses like yours can thrive during these downtimes. While you shelter from the storm, you can use SEO to effectively sustain your business and get it ready for the coming economic recovery. Here are 4 reasons why you focus on your SEO efforts during these times.

1 Advancing Your Brand
In times of crisis, people may have no use for your products or services as they worry more about their jobs, mortgage, and trying to keep themselves healthy.

But, does that mean they are offline? By no means.

In fact, when people are quarantined in their house, they are going to be searching more rather than less. These could be things that are related to COVID-19, which can include products or services that can make their life easier during their quarantine periods.

With SEO, you can tweak your content so your business continues to show up in the search results. For instance, you can do this by sharing safety messages with your audience, so even if the last thing in their mind is to buy your products, your brand is still visible in searches.

By putting your brand in front of searchers, you can even make the cut when the buying decision is made. So, it is ideal for your business to invest in a comprehensive search engine optimization program that can put you in front of those that are still in a buying frame of mind during a crisis.

  1. Chance to Put Distance Between You and the Competition
    Due to the fact that people are locked up in their homes, it could make competition believe that they have no reason to push their SEO strategies. Google, however, does not stop working because of a crisis. Many people are still searching for products or services and Google is ranking.

With that said, it is the best time for your business to get a better ranking since the competition to be noticed is reduced.

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By focusing on optimizing for particular keywords during this crisis, you will be giving yourself a head start. And when the competition eventually resumes their SEO efforts, they will be a lot more catching up work for them to do.

Be aware that the end of the crisis may not be near, it could take up to several months, and that is a lot of time for your business to get far ahead.

  1. SEO done now is a seed for the future
    The future of many businesses is uncertain as the world is dipping into a recession and picking themselves up after that will not be easy. The fact is that things will normalize. It may be different or new normal, but the world will stabilize.

With that being said, it makes sense for your business to focus on cleaning up your SEO strategy during the downtimes as the overall effectiveness of SEO doesn't happen overnight and it takes time to get your SEO campaign to run effectively.

But in the time people are dealing with the global crisis, you can start your SEO campaign that will be reaping results for years to come.

  1. Reinforces Expertise and Authority
    During this global crisis, some people will take their time to catch up on improving their knowledge and skills that they are interested in. If they are going to be quarantined in the house, chances are they might find some great content to read.

Having great content in the field of expertise on your website will be an opportunity to attract the attention of such people. You can first find out what keywords people are usually searching for in your area of expertise, then you can optimize for these keywords.

You can also be contacted with some website design specialists if you need help in finding out what keywords or contents work best for your business.

So, the impression you make during the time of the lockdown will last even after that and you could win over more visitors to your site as they realize you are an authority in that particular field.

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