Things will never be the same as they were before. Our routines are changing as our lives are upheaved by the changes brought by COVID-19.

The times of uncertainty are not easy for all of us. But they allow us a boost to move forward and advance the businesses we are overseeing.  

Let's take a look at some digital marketing insights, which, ideally, will assist you to market your brand more effectively in times of the downturn.


Individuals are reconsidering their values

The financial storm from the worldwide economy makes people reconsider their values. Which makes individuals see things in a different light. We now only focus on the most important things and try to ignore things that distract us from our primary goals. This means people will neglect irrelevant ads that pop up on any channel.

Marketers should research and focus customer needs, deliver the right message to them, and bring as much value as possible.

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Listen to your target audience

Social media is spreading the information via multiple channels and user discussions across the whole web with the wind speed. Listening to what they say about your brand whether product reviews or negative comments is the quickest and most straightforward way to define your customer needs. 

There are a lot of social media listening tools that can help you track brand mentions and see what people are currently talking about. Stay connected with your customers on social media and you will be able to react to a crisis immediately.

Optimize your brand messaging to the new customer goals and needs

Once you get a better understanding of your audience by listening to it on social media, conducting short surveys on your website, or sending them via email. You can use this information to optimize your brand messaging, and adjust your content.

Adapt your brand voice

The message you send out to your audience must be filled with understanding and empathy. Humanising a brand voice in the media to soothe the customer’s psychological discomfort and eliminate negative experience with a brand.

Offer helps

Understand what they need. Try to solve their issues in the easiest and most effective way possible. Using the “non-salesy” promotion works best today.

Focus on how you can help people with the content you share. They appreciate the value you deliver and will become more accepting and listen to your next message.

Share your story

By publishing quality and relevant articles, studies, and guides on your blog, Combining creative thinking, empathy, and data-driven marketing, you can bring additional value to your audience, attract more attention to your brand, drive website traffic, and gain customer loyalty. 

It will help you build positive relationships with customers and convert more sales.

The digital landscape keeps evolving day by day and as a result, our reach is getting wider. Digital marketing plays a big role in how effective this reach can be. Digital marketing can make a real impact for your business and here’s why.

Conversion rates

Making changes on your site? Or any change in your digital strategy? Digital marketing offers you a way to track how effective each move can be. This can be measured in the number of clicks, search results, and calls to actions.

This translates to your conversion rates which gives you insights on what’s bringing the most value. Check out Google Analytics, data says a lot and Google Analytics can give you many numbers. In the age of digitalization, you can measure almost everything.


Search engine optimization allows you to work with keywords. Having the right keywords defined with the write description or ‘meta tags’ your search results can become richer. Having meta tags in place will create stronger links towards your company’s online platforms.

Social media optimization is a vital element of increasing your brands and exposure through a combination of social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, bookmarking sites, blogs, and other similar sites. Your company’s awareness is a vital part of success.

Content, content, content & tags

In marketing, your main goal is to engage with people. Your target audience should be drawn to the content you share. The type of content should have a certain tone that is visible over time. A given here is also consistent, posting regular, valuable, and relative content brings back your audience time and time again.

Your content should bring added value and should continuously do so. Have an aim, share cases, best practices, and insights, always. Make sure to tag all your content with meta tags, hashtags, and similar so you can track your conversion rates on all the things you share across your online platforms.

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Customer retention is your ROI

Your customers are KEY. Make sure everything is catered to them because chances are high that a competitor will lure them to their service if not towards yours. Know your target audience and cater to the most extreme types of people. Create personas and deep dive into their customer journeys to understand how they respond and make things easier for them.

A few tips could be:

It would definitely make it worth your while to hire a digital marketing specialist!


Data can give you a lot of information but not customer emotion. Use user feedback tools helps you understand your users in a more qualitative way. Use customer reviews and feedback forms as a way to retrieve information and identify pain points and then find solutions.

If you don’t have to insights into your customer's experience, you won’t be able to target their needs, leaving the competition with the upper hand. Don’t merely offer your customers a product, offer them a solution to their needs.


Digital marketing helps you boost your product/service/brand’s awareness in a short time and is the best way to utilize many digital platforms in order to broaden your network.

A landing page is the page of your website that visitors land on after looking up a particular keyword or seeing a certain advertisement. It will play a large role in determining whether people will book a night in your hotel or resort.

Turning traffic into bookings with the correct landing pages
When you succeed in solving the initial problem in digital marketing, getting traffic to your website, the aim is to convert them into a buyer. When people come to your website they quickly make a decision whether they like your content, style and brand. Which in turn will decide if they are interested in buying. If they don’t find the content they were looking for while searching or clicking on your advertisement they will leave and most probably will never return.

Getting your website ranked for a certain keyword is difficult enough, so make sure that your website and landing pages are optimized. Make sure that when a person clicks on your website on google or advertisement on facebook that they get what they were looking for. Nobody who is searching for a romantic getaway wants to end up on a page for a party hostel.

Different Landing Page Optimization Strategies
There are several techniques that can be deployed when playing around with different landing pages for different buy-intents.

At Hy-digital we can help with the optimization of your website and their landing pages. It can help increase the amount of people booking your hotel or resort by significant amounts. Hy-digital works with some of the following strategies:

Hy Digital is a full-service digital agency that can help you with digital marketing, development and other digital creation services, reach out to us to find out more.Contact today

A/B Test Landing Pages
A/B Testing refers to the strategy where two different versions of a landing page are created. By testing the amount of bookings per landing page and the general response of visitors once they have landed on your website you can decide which landing pages to use and which ones not to use.

When using A/B test landing pages you can test both your ideas at the same time. The page that gets a more positive booking rate will be kept for further use.

Rule-Based Optimization Pages
A number of tools can be utilized to get information about your visitors. These tools can then help you decide which landing pages to show your audience based on factors such as their geographic location, search criteria, and any other specifications you would like to apply.

Analysis-Based Landing Pages
By studying the bounce rate of a page (people that leave the page immediately), the time people spent on particular pages, and the page where they exited the website landing pages can be optimized.

Once this information has been collected you can go ahead and edit the pages that are not doing so well and duplicate the strategy from the pages that are getting a higher booking rate.

Call-to-Action Based Landing Pages
A very important part of an optimized website is to be able to guide the user from getting on our landing page to actually booking a room.

By optimizing your landing pages for the different tasks you want your users to complete you can start the contact with your potential customers.

Think about obtaining their information, email address or their potential booking dates. By obtaining this information you can target your customer with much more precise marketing and advertising.

X-Factor Landing Pages
All of the above factors can play a part in the creation of the ideal landing page. However, sometimes all the analysis in the world doesn’t compare to the x-factor some landing pages contain.

This x-factor can be a combination of experience, intuition and general audience knowledge. Hy-digital will help you every step of the way, whether it is a data-based approach to these landing pages or a strategy based on years of experience we are here to help you every step of the way

According to the research, people in the U.S. spend over 20% of their mobile time on Facebook or Instagram. And there are almost 2 billion people using Facebook every month.

Does Facebook ad mean anything to businesses?
Of course, it does. With so many active users, Social media advertising are a no-brainer tool for any marketers who are looking to expand the business and reach new audiences in a place where people are already spending a significant amount of time.

Facebook's business platform has grown and developed to be more and more advantageous, yet sophisticated. It gives advertisers more options to reach new audiences and retarget previous site visitors back to their brand.

On the other hand, with so many options, it can be quite difficult for advertisers to figure out which Facebook Ads type is the most suitable for any given campaign objectives.

  1. Post Engagement

If you post content on your Facebook page regularly, you probably notice that some content performs better than others. With post engagement ads, you can drive more engagement on specific posts and expand its original reach. This will help you generate more activity on your posts and get more organic followers quickly by offering them the kinds of posts they will see more of if they follow you.

  1. Instant Experience

While the main purpose of the app engagement ads is to highlight specific features to drive in-app engagements, app install ads are focused on generating new users. Alternatively, app install ads are more likely to showcase and demonstrate apps' core purpose as well as main functionality.

  1. Video

According to the studies, 80% of people remember what they see while 0nly 20% remember what they read. In fact, you will barely recall this article in a few days. But a well-designed visual can sneak into your mind and stay there for a long time.

In order to do that, the video ad features help educate your audience about your product features using video. Apart from increasing brand awareness, Facebook's video ads allow you to upload a 360 ad, which is an immersive experience where users can drag their finger and their device to see an ad.

  1. Event Responses

Whether you are the owner of a new store or just want to increase brand awareness to your store's existing locations, you might want to consider implementing Facebook Event Response ads to help you get more people through the door for your event in geographic regions.

The ads will allow you to create an event and target your desired audience directly from your Facebook event page and promote it with photos or videos. Besides giving your target audience a simple way to join, it helps to keep track of how many people have responded to your event so you can plan accordingly.

  1. Offers

During the website conversion ads section, Facebook allows you to use conversion-focused offers as a landing point for your Facebook ads. With that said, you can set off-site downloads as a campaign objective.

Whether you have holiday deals, special discounts, or any kind of offers to promote via Facebook ads, you can customize your ads with calls-to-action action specific to the offer with the offer claim objective. For instance, you might want to use a "Learn More" call-to-action if you're offering something special for the first 300 sign-ups.

  1. Lead Generation Ads

In a traditional lead generation conversion path, users are driven to a landing page where they fill out a form. For example, you might use a Facebook offer claim ad (as we discussed in the previous section) to drive users to your website and have them fill out a form there.

The traditional way of lead generation conversion path is that users are driven to a specific landing page where they fill out the form. However, the drawback to this conversion path is that users are required to leave Facebook once they have clicked on the ad in order to claim what you are promoting.

Fortunately, Facebook offers the lead generation objective, which allows you to collect lead information without forcing your audience to leave the Facebook app. Conversion path a user goes through on a Facebook lead ad :

Once the user clicks on the ad and call-to-action (in this case, Sign up) after seeing a traditional conversion-focused ad, he/she can click the Register button and see a form with their information auto-filled.

Once the user is done submitting the form on the lead ad, he/she can click out of the ad and go back to browsing on Facebook. Hence, this is an example of great user experience and Facebook will sync with your CRM so your leads are right where you want them.

  1. Page Likes

From time to time, you might want to use Facebook Ads as a tool to expand your organic search. If this is your campaign goal, you should be using the page like ad type to encourage new users to "like" your page.

Once they do, they will be able to see your organic content when you publish it. Page Likes campaign is one of the best advertising methods when advertiser's priority is to build their social media presence and regularly produce content for their Facebook users to drive engagement.

  1. Slideshow

Facebook slideshow ads are somewhat categorized in the video category that uses motion, sound, and text to create an immersive ad experience to audiences.

It is an affordable alternative to video and providing a quick loading time. You can as a result capture the attention span of someone who doesn't like waiting slideshow ads play well on every connection speed. Unlike video ads, slideshow ads are quick and affordable to create.

You can create it in a few minutes from desktop or mobile and use it to tell a story that can be developed over time.

  1. Carousel

Carousel ads are a kind of advertising format that allows you to combine multiple videos or images into a single ad. This expansive ad space embraces creativity, where you can showcase a number of images in order to improve your chances of conversion or sale.

Carousel ads are a useful marketing strategy to showcase specs about products or tell stories. Although they're popular on Instagram, Carousels also have a place on Facebook and can attract users who are into an interactive experience.

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  1. Collection

If you have a list of products that you want to release or promote, collection ads could be something you might want to look into, especially at the end of a campaign that drives a lot of interest.

Collection ads are more or less an online store, with a primary image of the product along with four images customers can tap through. If they decide to purchase, they can do so without having to leave the platform.

For driving visitors to your site, a quick creation process, and keeping things simple, image ads are right up your alley. They are a common form of an ad and come with fewer bells and whistles than other formats. Still, they can be extremely effective.

With a single, stunning image and little text, you can create a stunning image ad, where that picture will be the focal point. Images on Facebook give you a format to use, with spaces to make sure your photo is incredible and you have the option to include a copy.

If you are looking to drive visitors to your site with a quick creation process while keeping things simple, image ads are right up your alley. With a stunning image and little text, you can create an effective ad, where the picture will be the center of attention. With Facebook image ads, you can select your own format to use while having an option to include a copy.

How to Choose Which Facebook Ad Type to Use

We've now covered all of the different types of Facebook Ads you can use to achieve the goals of your particular ads. But is that all-encompassing? Definitely, Not

Additionally, Facebook has many different options for you to choose from once you pick a campaign objective, which means choosing an ad type isn't even half of the battle. In fact, many of these Facebook Ad type campaign objectives overlap, and you can use several ad types to achieve the same objective.

Nevertheless, Facebook has many different options for you to select from when you pick a campaign objective, meaning choosing an ad type isn't even half of the job.

So now, how do you decide which ad type to use for your business?

1) Define your campaign goal.

Before you start an ad campaign, you will first need to determine your goal for the campaign. Are you trying to drive attendance for an upcoming event? Drive conversions on your website? or just simply get more customers to your local store?

Don't just begin a campaign around which ad type you should use. Instead, begin it with your own marketing goal and build your ad around it.

2) Choose relevant types you could use.

Once the goal of your ad campaign is clearly identified, then you can take a look at what Facebook Ad types available to you. Fortunately, you already know what each of the Facebook Ad types are.

Select the one that most relevant to your goals. You probably noticed that Facebook allows you to use more than a single ad type for a single objective.

3) Narrow down your options.

Once you've chosen which ad types are most applicable to your needs, choose the one you think will work best for your campaign. Or, use the same creative, copy, and targeting options to set up a campaign test using different ad types and see if one performs better than the other.

Once you have decided and chosen which ad type is most applicable to your needs, then choose the one that you think will work best for your campaign. Otherwise, use the same creative or copy and targeting options to set up a campaign test using different ad types to see which one performs better than the other.

4) Use different ad types for different campaign goals.

Don't just stick to one ad type for all of your campaigns. Instead, make sure you're optimizing your ads for the right campaign objectives. Try out different Facebook Ad types and different ad campaigns to optimize your ad strategy for your audience.

Don't just stick to only one ad type for all of your campaigns. instead, make sure you're optimizing your ads for the right campaign objectives. Also, try experimenting with different Facebook Ad types to your ad campaigns in order to optimize your ad strategy for your audience.

5) Target the right audience.

Creating your ads is only half of what needs to be done. The other half is figuring out and determine the right target audience for your ads campaign.

6) Test, analyze, and repeat.

Once you have finalized your campaign objective, selected your ad type, created your ad and targeted the right audience, now its time to analyze and evaluate your results.

Note: Digital advertising is all about testing, analyzing and optimizing ad campaigns over time. It's very important that you follow these steps, and you will be on your way to implementing a high-ROI ads strategy in no time.

When running your hotel, worrying about your website might be the last thing on your mind! Especially when OTAs like, Agoda and Expedia already give you a web presence. Unfortunately, the simple fact is you absolutely need your own website. Read on to find out why…

Why you need your own hotel website
If you are an independent or boutique hotel who doesn't benefit from being part of a large hotel group don't think you can get away without having a website marketing. Here’s a fact: most travellers will visit a hotel’s website to make their booking decision, even if they book through an online travel agent.

Of course, OTAs do a great job of bringing you revenue - but they're simply a database of hotels sorted by price or location and they won't show your hotel to its best advantage! Only your specific hotel website can show off just what you have to offer. You know what's unique, what sets you apart from your competition and your website is the best tool for enticing travellers to stay with you.

Here’s how you’ll benefit
Never leave success up to chance! With your own website, you are in control of the entire user experience. Here are a number of ways in which you can benefit from a unique web presence:

Define your image
A custom hotel website allows you to present your property how you want it to be seen. Using professional images and targeted copy you can capture the hearts and wallets of travellers around the world.

In today's fast-paced visually driven society you can build up a narrative that resounds with your target market, showing them what they could be enjoying and differentiating yourself from the competition. Making it more likely that they'll book directly with you.

Strut your stuff
Your hotel website is a chance to show off the character of your property. It gives you the freedom to create a coherent story that really speaks to potential guests.

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It's not just about the photos, but the design you choose, your brand colours and fonts all working in harmony to build your brands identity and resonate with your customers. You can properly showcase the value-added features and amenities that set you apart from everyone else such as spa pages and restaurant menus.

It's all about location!
Location, location, location, it's been said it's all about the location! Having your own hotel website allows you to show off just what your local area has to offer. Give your guests another great reason to check-in at your hotel by showcasing the experiences and events that happen around your property.

Be found
Your own hotel website puts you in control of your SEO. Search engine optimisation is one of the best ways to be found on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. With your own website you choose the keywords you want to rank for, you write the content that appeals to your target market and you control your social media presence that drives customer engagement.

Target your market
A hotel website also gives you the ability to drive traffic using search and display advertising. Have your website be found on your customer's favourite websites. Be at the forefront of their holiday making decisions by constantly reminding them that you are the right hotel for their next trip.

With a custom hotel web design and optimisation, it allows you to entice new and returning guests with special offers, members deals and new experiences, all of which can be directly targeted to potential customers through the immense power of digital marketing.

Contact Hy Digital to design, optimise and drive more converting traffic to your hotel website. Or call us on +66 (0)20 499 490

It is challenging to operate in a highly disrupted sector in order to overcome your competitors and achieve better results. All successful insurance companies must engage and retain customers more effectively.

Key success factor for marketers at insurance companies is to ensure that their brands remain relevant and competitive by establishing credibility and building mutually beneficial customer relationships. This means employing digital marketing activities better across a wider array of customer touchpoints. To achieve all these goals, we have gathered challenges that need to be overcome below.

An inclusive & performance-driven website
Having a strong brand to back up your business is an essential tool in becoming recognizable, differentiated, and consistent as a company. Put simply, your company’s brand is the image and feelings you convey to your customers. A website is more than just a tool for branding when it comes to digital marketing for insurance companies. Not only to communicate your brand image to your audience, it should also be a useful resource of information.

Does your website provide all the information consumers need to make a decision?

Personalised homepages are the secret ingredient to lead conversion when developing a website for your insurance brand, which is becoming increasingly important for a positive user experience. You need to ensure that it isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, but is also easy to navigate and user-friendly.

It's important to ensure that the pages are focussed on driving action and driving enquiries or purchases. You might consider creating a login for your customers on the website, which allows them to see details of their plans and customised suggestions based on their needs. It’s also important that you optimise your website with strong SEO techniques to drive organic traffic and gain greater visibility.

Build trust and improve SEO with Content marketing
Effective content marketing techniques can help you gain the trust of your audience by establishing your brand as a thought leader in the field, build authority, cultivate a loyal customer base and improve your SEO.

By regularly publishing relevant, high-quality content that answers your customers most burning questions will help you rank higher in search results.

Hy Digital is a full-service digital agency that can help you with digital marketing, development and other digital creation services, reach out to us to find out more.Contact today

Content marketing can be one of the most useful ways to reach a wider audience, it can be the form of blog posts, informative videos and how-to guides to help engage with your customers right from the awareness stage to acquisition and finally the retention phase.

The content doesn’t always have to be informative related directly to their services. Instead, it should cater to all related queries that their audience might have. In this way, your customers will be able to recall your brand when they need to choose an insurance provider.

Engage with your consumers on social media
When marketers consider interactions with audiences, social media platforms must be embraced more as they provide a great opportunity to connect with your audiences. Even though social media isn’t commonly associated with insurance brands, but it is as important for this segment as it is for any other segment.

It is a powerful way to develop your brand identity and consistently engage with your target audience. Through creative posts, digital marketing for insurance can develop awareness of your product, while at the same time, entertaining your audience.

Revolutionize the customer service by Chatbots
A chatbot allows businesses to automate customer service live chat conversations. According to IBM, up to 80% of routine customer service questions could be answered by a chatbot. Chatbots can be trained to respond to customer service questions and provide fast solutions, 24/7.

Large insurance companies typically handle huge volumes of customer queries every single day. To streamline their processes and handle large-scale customer queries, many insurance brands are turning to AI-powered solutions like chatbots.

As a majority of insurance-related queries are related to broadly similar topics like the price, duration and terms of various insurance plans, chatbots can resolve them much faster than human representatives.

The global crisis known as COVID-19 is currently affecting almost every part of life all over the world. As the global economy reels from the impact of this disease, most businesses started to shift strategies, hoarding cash and some may be convinced that there is not much else they can do.

But, the reality is that it will come to an end and businesses like yours can thrive during these downtimes. While you shelter from the storm, you can use SEO to effectively sustain your business and get it ready for the coming economic recovery. Here are 4 reasons why you focus on your SEO efforts during these times.

1 Advancing Your Brand
In times of crisis, people may have no use for your products or services as they worry more about their jobs, mortgage, and trying to keep themselves healthy.

But, does that mean they are offline? By no means.

In fact, when people are quarantined in their house, they are going to be searching more rather than less. These could be things that are related to COVID-19, which can include products or services that can make their life easier during their quarantine periods.

With SEO, you can tweak your content so your business continues to show up in the search results. For instance, you can do this by sharing safety messages with your audience, so even if the last thing in their mind is to buy your products, your brand is still visible in searches.

By putting your brand in front of searchers, you can even make the cut when the buying decision is made. So, it is ideal for your business to invest in a comprehensive search engine optimization program that can put you in front of those that are still in a buying frame of mind during a crisis.

  1. Chance to Put Distance Between You and the Competition
    Due to the fact that people are locked up in their homes, it could make competition believe that they have no reason to push their SEO strategies. Google, however, does not stop working because of a crisis. Many people are still searching for products or services and Google is ranking.

With that said, it is the best time for your business to get a better ranking since the competition to be noticed is reduced.

Hy Digital is a full-service digital agency that can help you with digital marketing, development and other digital creation services, reach out to us to find out more.Contact today

By focusing on optimizing for particular keywords during this crisis, you will be giving yourself a head start. And when the competition eventually resumes their SEO efforts, they will be a lot more catching up work for them to do.

Be aware that the end of the crisis may not be near, it could take up to several months, and that is a lot of time for your business to get far ahead.

  1. SEO done now is a seed for the future
    The future of many businesses is uncertain as the world is dipping into a recession and picking themselves up after that will not be easy. The fact is that things will normalize. It may be different or new normal, but the world will stabilize.

With that being said, it makes sense for your business to focus on cleaning up your SEO strategy during the downtimes as the overall effectiveness of SEO doesn't happen overnight and it takes time to get your SEO campaign to run effectively.

But in the time people are dealing with the global crisis, you can start your SEO campaign that will be reaping results for years to come.

  1. Reinforces Expertise and Authority
    During this global crisis, some people will take their time to catch up on improving their knowledge and skills that they are interested in. If they are going to be quarantined in the house, chances are they might find some great content to read.

Having great content in the field of expertise on your website will be an opportunity to attract the attention of such people. You can first find out what keywords people are usually searching for in your area of expertise, then you can optimize for these keywords.

You can also be contacted with some website design specialists if you need help in finding out what keywords or contents work best for your business.

So, the impression you make during the time of the lockdown will last even after that and you could win over more visitors to your site as they realize you are an authority in that particular field.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, most if not all industries across the board are having to reinvent themselves to cope with the rapid changes in the consumer landscape in unexpected ways.

New normal of digital marketing in ThailandRetrieved from Future of CEE

Apparently, many are reassessing their digital marketing strategy and coping its budgets in light of the uncertain economic situation. Where possible, brands that are able to do so can benefit from taking this time as an opportunity to strategize and plan for the future, rather than putting the brakes on.

With that being said, we as a digital marketing agency, wanted to share new digital marketing trends that will help marketers or business owners like you treading these uncharted waters in the “new normal” business condition.

You need to future-proof your digital marketing strategy. It needs to be reviewed from time to time to see what works for you and what doesn’t. We believe this can help you optimize it to get the best results possible during this new normal of the digital marketing world.

Here are 6 new digital marketing trends you need to know now before you reinvent your strategy for the new normal of digital marketing

  1. Changing behavior in web usage
    Currently, everyone is encouraged to stay at home, and no one actually knows how long this pandemic will last for. While consumers are spending more and more time online, web usage increased over 19% between January and March and this indicates that the way people use the internet is changing.

Paid Search

When it comes to online shopping, Google reports that users typically spend a lot of time browsing but end up with a few conversions being made during the time when the pandemic hit hard: travel for example has been hit hard since no one is encouraged or allowed to travel during that time. While searches for pajamas, home gaming, and entertainment are skyrocketing on the other hand.

As of the current situation, the pandemic seems to get better in different countries and people started to get excited about traveling again. With that being said, there is a higher chance of conversions being made (bookings) by the users as they are now allowed to travel again after a long period of self-quarantine at home.

So, marketers should be aware of the current situation and keeping an eye out for a volume of each search keyword in relation to the given situation.

Paid Social Media

The research by GlobalWebIndex has found that all the generations are turning to social media to “stay connected” during quarantine since the crisis has started. It shows a 27% increase in social media use among Gen Z, 30% among Millennials, 29% among Gen X, and 15% among Boomers.

The CPCs (cost-per-click) and CPMs (cost-per-thousand) have dropped across Facebook advertising portfolios due to less competition for ad space. With the fact that the ads are cheaper and people still online shopping, a study by Mckinsey shows that people spend 14% more than usual on groceries and 1% more on household supplies, and 3% more on home entertainment.

As a marketer, it is your job to ensure that your business has the ability to cope with your consumer’s demand for goods and services while being able to control the budget of the ads that you’re currently focusing on.

  1. A new way of communication!
    Brand awareness is something that you as a marketer or any business owner cannot neglect. While the current situation seems to get better, it is now a great opportunity to reach out and start talking with your target audience.

But first, it is wise that you identify “what do your customers want to see from your brand?” for the new normal. As the world has changed to a new normal, what is the new normal about your brand that you can offer that your customers will get the most benefit from? And how do you deliver this message?

Forrester research suggests that consumers are expecting something new, exciting things to fill the time freed up by social distancing and self-quarantine, and they are now ready to be messaged to.

This is one step further recommendation that we’ve given you here. Now, it is all about what you can come up with that can attract their interest and get them hooked to your brand.

An extra tip here…

To sustain brand awareness, many B2C brands are ramping up their email marketing by sending positive news into their consumers' inboxes (animal videos/neighbors singing from their balconies).

We are not saying this is a bad way of doing it but you need to tread carefully. People are emotionally exhausted. With that said, you want to give only information that you think it is truly useful to your customers.

Hy Digital is a full-service digital agency that can help you with digital marketing, development and other digital creation services, reach out to us to find out more.Contact today
  1. Allocate your advertising budget to something different
    During the time of the pandemic, it’s a widespread problem that you’re seeing lower conversion rates, and you could’ve cut down or thought of pausing your budgets for direct-response channels like PPC or Facebook.

But before you do, think of what are the keys to increase your chances of survival during the crisis?

Re-allocating these budgets into channels with longer-term pay-offs, this could be a great move for the new normal future success. CRO and SEO.

CRO (Conversion rate optimization): focusing on increasing conversions on your website

Here are some things to get started with:

If you’re currently pulling back paid advertising, you will have a budget to test variations of website pages to see which pages have the highest organic traffic.

Be more creative with your landing pages and ads, and you could try switching holiday messaging to home-context phrasing.

While there are changes in customer behavior, take some time to do deep solid user research by gathering all the feedback from users. This way you will understand the actual needs and how to leverage this as a part of a revised messaging strategy for the new normal.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): focusing on ultimately driving traffic to the website which could lead to more sales.

It is wise to take this opportunity to build your long term SEO strategy. If your landing pages currently focus on maximizing conversion, you could now focus on creating content that is educational and beneficial to your audience for future remarketing opportunities to convert them into customers further down the road.

SEO opportunities you could focus on right now during the new normal:

Technical SEO: Does your site is optimized to have the ability to be crawled and indexed by search engines?
Landing page optimization: Even your site is indexed, but are there any opportunities to focus on improving your rankings?
Keyword research: what is the type of content your audience is currently consuming. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience and try to think about what keywords you will search for in order to find the content that you are creating.
Landing page creation: Once you have done your keyword research, now it's time to turn them into high-quality content that your audience will want to consume.

  1. Take a look around and take inspiration from others during this crisis
    While all the mentioned above are all about optimizing your internal strategy, now it’s time to look at other businesses that are pivoting and innovating, even those outside of your industry.

Some companies are able to find ingenious ways of helping in the fight against the virus.

For instance, various alcoholic beverages such as BrewDog have been using their distilleries to make hand sanitizer, whilst Formula 1 teams Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren, and Williams have put their factories to work making ventilators.


Whatever happens during the new normal, you should know your capabilities and stay creative, and ensure that your brand contributes to helping out in this situation. Not only does it help with your business, but also the situation at large.

This seems to be a slow process of strategy, but when the crisis is over you want the top of mind for your customers. Remember that people will remember the brands that put their customers first.

For the past few months, HyloMarketing has been undergoing a lot of changes. From meetings on values, web design, potential clients, photoshoots – the ongoing changes have worked up to a slick look and feel! And we are proud to announce that we are now Hy Digital.

Why rebranding?
That’s where a company can level up! Hy Digital provides its clients with consultation services on digital marketing strategies, SEO services, data mining for insights and more. Digital marketing helps you move forward while establishing loyal customers.

That’s where a brand’s identity comes in.

We had a simple color palette of red tints with black and similar shades. Red stands out and we wanted to grab the attention of our customers. Similar to how chaotic Bangkok can be but we’re the red thread that pulls through. We’ve used the same concept and upped our color scheme with an orange that pops. Not only does it grab your attention but it evokes strong emotions and pushes you to act.

Hy Digital is a full-service digital agency that can help you with digital marketing, development and other digital creation services, reach out to us to find out more.Contact today

Orange is also a positive colour, in combination with our site’s new look and feel, we wanted to create a sense of trust. Being a tech-savvy company means that we want our customers to connect with us and the services we provide. Data can be represented in many different ways so dashboards need to appeal to our clients in a way that the data speaks for itself. Findings insights never looked so easy!

We now use a lot of white because white creates the space to paint a picture, a picture that we want you to co-create with us. With white as the backdrop, it makes room for our brand’s name which carries a bit of might and brings focus to the forefront. Hy is short, yet punchy and it stays top of mind for our customers. We want this to be a going in point for our audience, we want to tell a story with our brand. We have the know-how, and then some!

We Listen. We Learn. We Execute.
Rebranding was important for us because it creates more value for our company by providing direction for our employees, which in turn, does the same for our customers.

Branding really starts at the core for us. Hy is evolving and we want to capture that in our brand. We’re an out-of-box, forward-thinking and solution data-driven company with the flexibility of creating exciting pathways in your digital marketing strategy.

Our company is dedicated to uniting brands, people, and data. Digital should be an experience and we want to give our clients a feeling of our purpose with our rebranding. Our team is here to bring your company forward with tailor-made solutions. Data-driven digital marketing technology is only one click away!

The marketing world of resorts and hotels currently largely revolves around social media. From showing off a room with a view, to nurturing sales and integrating customer service it is all possible on social media. Listed here are a few trends that can be observed in the current world of social media marketing for hotels today.

  1. Social Media Influencers
    Influencers continue to be the new superstars and dominate our social news feeds. New specific customers can be attracted with social networking and successful influencers. It will introduce your hotel to the audience prefer as on social media you can target highly specific audiences

The very first guideline of marketing is to get people to talk about your product or service. Not only can influencers help people explore your resort, but also grow their understanding and help build your image. This all to thousands or even millions of people.

This trend will continue to develop for quite a while, even though the influencer market is arguably saturated there is still room for growth. Additionally, you must make sure you utilize the influencer that’s right for your hotel. An influencer that is into the car or beauty industry probably won’t have the target audience you’re looking for.

Hotels and resorts should recognize their target market and discover an influencer whose followers are mostly from the said market. As soon as an influencer is discovered, contact them to strike a deal. This could be in the form of a free stay or cost cash money.

  1. Micro-influencers and User Generated Content (UGC)
    Micro-influencers are essentially influencers on a smaller scale. Rather than having audiences of 100K or more they might have 1K, or even less. However, the bonus could it be that it is easy to invite them for a cup of coffee and expose your resort to tens and thousands of individuals. It can be as easy as inviting your friends and relatives over and letting them share content.
Hy Digital is a full-service digital agency that can help you with digital marketing, development and other digital creation services, reach out to us to find out more.Contact today

A good suggestion is to compile a summary of potential influencers to work with and an overview of what you’re prepared to offer. Now it’s time to test your strategy and hopefully book your first success. If you don’t have time to carry out these activities it is recommended to obtain an agency like Hy-digital to help you create a good strategy.

Hotels should focus on the guest’s experience when talking about UGC. This will encourage the audience to engage with the resort on social media.

The best way to get traction is to be involved in every step of the way in the customer’s journey. Think of a nice visitor card in the room, the receptionist mentioning your Instagram feed to clients and the frequent posting of images and Instagram Stories of your resort.

  1. Instagram Stories
    We frequently feel like we rattle on about Instagram Stories. Current research focuses on the fact that Instagram Stories are on the way to overtake traditional feed articles. This basically means that potentially more individuals will view your stories than see your posts. Inside our monthly reports, we come across the reach and impressions of Stories. It is clear to see that both these aspects are on a steady rise.

Stories and story highlights certainly are a way to immerse audiences into your resort. For example the hotels we work for have their pool, spa, fitness center, group, spaces, visitors, and location all separately highlighted in a story. At Hy-digital we make sure there is enough content for each story and rotate content accordingly (Stories last for 24 hours)

Trends come and go just like seasons, especially in the area of social marketing trends come and go constantly. Remaining ahead of future trends requires innovative, ‘out of the box’ thinking, and in-depth analysis of what works well for your hotel or resort. To stay up to date for the latest digital marketing news remember to subscribe to our social media channels @Hy-digital.